Record label concepts
by Mark Forge.

Let me present to you 6 fictional concepts that in my opinion would perfectly fit for record labels or other music related companies.

I firstly crated the names by checking each of them whether they have a free domain and give a little amount of results in the web search. Later on I developed a logo for each concept struggling to reproduce the gist with the fewest number of elements. Then shortly described the ideas and ways of alternative use.

The information and the musicians on the designs are fictitious, any similarity with real people is purely coincidental. And, just in case, the triangle down in the corner switches on the rotation.


Select and tune with the common letter of t belong together. One can read both of the words of the formed neologism with ease. Alas, the shape of the letter C assumes a more interesting dynamics in moving counterclockwise which contradicts the dynamics of a playing record. The sign is built on the grounds of 8 perfect circles.
Aswell the concept is fitting for: a streaming platform, a vynil player trademark, an audio player manufacturer, software for DJs, a music arranging application,  Skype or Spinnin’ Records rebranding.


Bastille, the last stronghold of anti-national statehood at the French revolution, the majestic fortress, nowadays destroyed, but still in thoughts of many. Easily, by just duplicating one of the letters, a neologism is being formed, and it indicates that now it’s a bass fortress and along with this the name for a French label. Besides the fortress, the sigh also symbolizes a man’s silhouette with raised hands, a gesture inherent for DJs.
As an alternative it can be used as a musician’s pseudonym, the name for a store, the name for a loudspeaker maker, or the name of a festival.

Beat Rabbit

The name is based on the consonance of the words Beat and Rabbit. Symbolically we’ve already made acquaintance with Rabbit the drummer, but if we usually see him with the classic drums, here it’s built from the equalizer’s sound waves.
This name may be given to a drum machine, a music store, an audio equipment store, a streaming platform, a psytrance festival, or an application that helps keep the rhythm while playing the musical instruments or going in for sports – by means of music from your iPod or phone, which may arrange according to speed and track’s bpm.

Loud Snake

Loud Snake is an oxymoron for snakes usually move quietly and are noisy only when fighting. Our snake is always noisy, thus it will easily be recognizable.
Besides the label the concept would also be appropriate for stereo cable makers, DJ software developers, or a streaming platform.


Cosmochord is about cosmic stuff. “How do you like the latest album by The Fractions? It’s naturally cosmic! Yeah, we couldn’t expect anything else form Cosmochord.”
Moreover, it could be the name of a broadcasting platform, the name of a book, the name of a game, the name of an apparel company, or a music album, the Aerospace Ministry’s choir, or the intergalactic Mobile Phone Operator. And quite alright to name a baby as well.

Endless Sweetness

Endless Sweetness, my gut tells me this will do either for a jazz label or for an RnB one, as well as for a confectionery or a chocolate maker. Alas, sugar is quite a bullshit, therefore think about fruits or honey melting in your mouth when you imagine a sweet thing, I insist!
The sign shows a symbol of endlessness, candy and pretzel.

Thanks to dimovich for the spin.