I have created some concepts that would be a great choiсe for a record label. One task was to find names that are  still available to register on a .com domain and have few search engine results. Next, I designed the logos and described different use cases.

All information and characters are fictious.
Codemaster – Morning Coder

1. Selectune

Select and Tune, with the common letter T. One can easily read and understand the newly formed neologism. The mark is built on top of 8 circles.
The concept can also work well for a streaming platform, a record player or for a music equipment manufacturer.

2. Beat Rabbit

The name is built around the consonance of BEAT and RABBIT, also phonetically similar to BEAT and RE-BEAT.
Beat Rabbit would be a good choice for a drum machine brand, musical instruments shop, streaming platform, or a Psy-Trance festival…
Another idea that would work well with this name is an application that adjusts the music playing speed based on how active the user is.

3. Orbital Studio

The Orbital.Studio idea will fit any style of electronic music that makes use of delays and reverbs. I see this name also working for a web studio, audio software or travel agency.

4. Loud Snake

LOUD SNAKE is an oxymoron. Usually the snakes are quiet. Our snake is always LOUD, which makes it easy to remember.
Also fits an audio cable manufacturer, software for DJ, or a streaming platform.

5. Endless Sweetness

This name will suit both a jazz or R’n’B label, and a sweet-shop. Alas we know what a beast sugar is…. Think of honey and fruits melting in your mouth when you think of SWEET. I insist!
In the mark we can see them all – the infinity symbol, the confetti and the pretzel.

6. Basstille

Bastille, the majestic fortress and the last stronghold of French anti-national struggle still lingering in the minds of many… We duplicate the letter S and obtain a neologism with an intuitive new meaning. Basstille, the fortress of the bass.
As an alternative: it can be used as for a loudspeaker company, or a festival.